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Here at Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd, we have been manufacturing quality trade paints for over many years. We import our high quality raw materials from UK, India, Malaysia and USA.

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Naturelac Paints

We are most trusted brand in the paint industry due to that we always ensure the products we manufacture are of the highest trade quality.

Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd

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Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd

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Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd

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Our friendly customer services team who process many years of paint industry experience are always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance on the right products for your project.

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We manufacture general Decorating paints, Waterproofing paints, Varnish paints, Roofing paints, Whether guard paints, Skim cote and Wall potty.


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Our aim is to always provide better service to customer, this is done by always having someone on hand to answer questions and give advice by phone or email.

Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd


Naturelac Paints (Pvt) Ltd


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ISO 9001 : 2015 CERTIFIED

ISO 9001:2015 is a company level certification based on the standard published by the International Organization for Standardization titled "Quality management systems-Requirements".



High quality paints have better pigments. A quality pigment is small and more pure so it hides what's underneath better. Cheap paints use pigments like clay and silica which are much larger meaning you need more coats to hide old paint and imperfections.


ECO Friendly

Naturelac Provides Eco-Friendly and Organic House Paints. When embarking on a home renovation, ‚Äčrepainting a room is practically a given. Almost everything about eco-friendly house paints hinges on volatile organic compounds.

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